Holcim Duracem

Holcim Duracem is the ideal choice for large infrastructure and high-rise construction projects. Engineered to generate significantly lower heat, Holcim Duracem greatly reduces the risk of thermal cracking in large or even massive concrete elements. This is vital as it ensures the structural integrity of structures with large foundations or cement surfaces making it especially suited for high-rise buildings, lower pile caps for bridges, tunnels, dams and large quays.

Holcim Duracem is a Portaland Fly Ash cement with a high-quality silica rich coal fly ash complying all the requirmeents of CEM II/B-V 32.5 N as defined by the MS EN 197-1:2000

Holcim Duracem has been used in the foundations of the region’s most iconic buildings and infrastructure including the MMHE West Finger Pier in Pasir Gudang.



Holcim Duracem has been optimized to proide better quality and durability for its application in the construction process:

Low Heat Development
Holcim Duracem has been painstakingly engineered to develop significantly lower heat than standard cement thus reducing the risk of thermal cracking which causes structural damage. Overall this also lease to fewer stresses in mass concrete element thus further enhancing its safety.

Better Workability
Prolonged hardening in this concrete enhances its workability allowing for better settling and treatment of the cement, which is crucial in large structures.

Certified High Quality
Holcim Duracem is fully compliant to both Malaysian and International Standards making it the ideal choice for any mass pour application.

Delayed Ettringite Formation
As the concrete is less sensitive to Delayed Ettringite Formation expansion there is reduced micro cracks in the concrete, which lowers the risk of long-term damages as a result of a lower maximum concrete temperature.

Super Strength
Holcim Duracem is specially formulated for long-term strength development which gives better durability to the overall structure over the years safeguarding your long-term investment.


Holcim Duracem should be preserved in a dry storage, i.e. silos. It should be used within 60 days from the time of storage.


Holcim Duracem is available in Bulk.


Health and Safety

Cement is classified as an irritant and any direct contact with the skin should be avoided. It is recommended to use Personal Protective Equipment before using the product and/or any of its components. The equipment should include eye protection, hand and skin protection and dust masks. First aid treatment should involve the immediate bathing of the affected area with water. For further information, please see our Health and Safety Information Sheet on Holcim Cementitious Products.


Holcim Duracem