Holcim Top Standard (HTS)

Designed as our signature multi-purpose cement, Holcim Top Standard (HTS) is world-renowned for its incredible flexibility and adaptability for most applications in construction. It is one of the highest quality products in the industry.

Holcim Top Standard is a Portland Fly Ash cement with a high-quality silica rich coal fly ash complying with all the requirements of CEM II/B-M 32.5 N as defined by the MS EN 197-1:2007



Excellent Workability
Holcim Top Standard is designed and manufactured to achieve higher workability, it is especially suited to developers of residential, commercial and industrial estates where the workability of cement is the key to timely delivery and quality finishing.

Cost Savings
Better workability in concrete and mortar applications for construction saves time, labour and workflow resources during construction, it is especially suited for the housing industry where developers will find that our solutions can enhance their speed of construction and ensure further savings on construction labour costs and project borrowings.

Early Delivery of Projects
This high performance product, coupled with smooth finishing for faster and flawless execution, makes Holcim Top Standard the best choice for all construction work and meeting the needs of architects and engineers. Better workability and performance coupled with our solutions support may result in improved or early project delivery from the developer to their buyers.

Quality Control
We carefully control the product’s chemical compositions and physical properties, the quality of Holcim Top Standard complies with the Malaysian Standard specification for Portland composite cement. Holcim Top Standard is made from the best natural materials ensuring its high performance for various applications as well for its fi ne finishing. Regular testing and stringent quality management ensures you can depend on Holcim Top Standard.

Improved Finishings
Superior quality workability and finishing will ensure savings on defect liability claims and enhance the brand and goodwill of the developer tremendously.

Holcim Top Standard is conveniently available in 50 kg unit bags. This provides storage, transportation and usage flexibility ensuring greater work reliability.



• Mortar for bricklaying
• Plastering and skim coating
• Lightweight concrete
• Concrete block and wall panel
• General concrete construction
• Architectural concrete finishing



The shelf life of Holcim Top Standard cement depends on the storage condition. Contact with air, water and moisture will cause the deterioration of the cement quality and performance. The cement is best to be used within 3 months from the date of manufacturing. If deterioration is suspected, testing prior to usage is recommended. The product must be used on a first-in first-out basis.


Health and Safety

Cement is classified as an irritant and any direct contact with the skin should be avoided. It is recommended to use Personal Protective Equipment before using the product and/or any of its components. The equipment should include eye protection, hand and skin protection and dust masks. First aid treatment should involve the immediate bathing of the affected area with water. For further information, please see our Health and Safety Information Sheet on Holcim Cementitious Products.


Holcim Top Standard Cement