Tg Langsat Terminal One, Tanjung Langsat, Johor

This major two-stage project, completed in July 2011, is part of the Tanjung Langsat Port, serving Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex. The project included two tank terminals. The first (LGT-1) has a storage capacity of 400,000 tons, comprising 130,000 tons for naphtha and middle distillates and 270,000 tons for fuel oils. The second terminal (LGT-2) has capacity of 170,000 tons.

Together, LGT-1 and LGT-2 will eventually provide 640,000 tons of storage capacity, which will annually generate 12.5 million tons of petroleum products at the liquid cargo jetty.


The Client

Langsat Terminal One Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between MISC, Dialog, and PUMA (a subsidiary of Trafigura), which awarded this contract to Holcim, the only supplier able to provide specific solutions for the intensive logistical planning required.


The Challenge

The first challenge was to identify a reliable and efficient supplier to deliver high volumes for peak concreting, working to the demanding delivery schedule. The supplier needed the expertise and capabilities necessary to manage the complex logistical requirements.


Holcim’s Solution

The client was delighted with the project, particularly Holcim’s involvement and the service provided – including the work ethic and aptitude of the Holcim sales team. This included:

  • Holcim supplying high-quality concrete and its professional team providing solutions that catered to the intensive logistical constraints.
  • The project being completed without delays or disruptions, as a result of Holcim’s timely delivery and logistical expertise.