About Us

Holcim Malaysia is one of the leading building materials providers in Johor and the Southern Peninsula. Linked to a global network of shared knowledge and experience, the company is part of Holcim Group, headquartered in Switzerland with production sites in more than 70 countries and 80,000 employees worldwide.

Holcim acquired Tenggara Cement in 1999 and renamed it as Holcim Malaysia the following year. With its main base at Pasir Gudang – the premier industrial zone situated in Johor Port – and several ready-mix plants throughout the state, Holcim has since grown and strengthened its local operations.

Introducing the Group’s business philosophies, values and vision for a sustainable world were the first steps in Holcim Malaysia’s journey. It has steadily built market-leading positions in cement and concrete, managed by a team of more than 200 people, and aggregates were added to the business portfolio in 2012.

Responding to the global environment and addressing new domestic challenges, Holcim is driven by the principles of sustainability in all activities including manufacturing processes and product offerings. The company is determined to play a central role in Malaysia’s sustainable future development.