Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work in Holcim and what is the career advancement opportunity?

One of the first thing you notice when you join Holcim is the professionalism, dedication and passion of the employees. Every employee is self-motivated. The Company is well structured and certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18000.

Another thing you notice is the emphasis and opportunity given for training, both locally and especially internationally, even for non management level. Career advancement depends entirely on individual merits and proven ability to perform; we do not discriminate anyone on grounds of race, sex or religion.

For those who are mobile and seeking greater challenges, there is ample opportunity for international assignments or transfers.

What are the extra-curricular activities available for employees?

Naturally, it is not all work and no play. Every year, we have a fun-filled annual Dinner for all the employees and invited guests; a Management and Leadership Conference for all our executives -u sually in a resort hotel away from normal work- as well as various sports and social activities on a regular basis to encourage cross-functional interaction and development of team spirit.

In joining Holcim Malaysia, you also join the global Holcim network of more than 90,000 employees operating in more than 70 countries, with regular opportunity to interact with people of across the globe on global and regional conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.

Could you explain more about the sustainable development and corporate social responsibility policies of the Group?

We are fully committed to the goal of sustainable development and want to grow our business in a responsible manner. We promote eco-efficiency, conservation of non-renewable natural resources and the recycling of secondary materials. We believe in managing our environmental resources responsibly to help assure that they are not depleted for the needs of the future generations.

We are also committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace and ensure that our operations do not present a risk to the health of our employees, community or the environment. Besides ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-14001 certified, we have also implemented the OHSAS 18000 management system.

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What about pay and benefits?

We offer a competitive salary, generous paid leaves and public holidays, medical and sick leaves, family medical subsidy, dental subsidy, transport allowance as well as Group insurance coverage for Hospitalization, Personal Accident and Term Life.

Employees who have completed 5-year continuous service with the company are also eligible for additional Company EPF contribution above the government prescribed rate. Other benefits include long service recognition award, study leave and study loan or grant for eligible employees.

It all sounds pretty exciting but how do I know when there is an opening in Holcim Malaysia?

We suggest you write to us or visit our website from time to time to check on any vacancy arising.