Corporate Social Responsibility

Holcim is committed to developing, uplifting, and enhancing the communities in which it operates. As a global leader in the construction materials industry, with a 100-year history and a presence across every continent, Holcim is very aware of its key role in ensuring that global development is carried out responsibly and that the benefits are distributed across a wide community base. Every Holcim office therefore engages with its local community to identify where it can make an effective contribution.

One of these key initiatives is the global ‘Together for Communities’ programme, where Holcim employees are making personal time contributions to the community by volunteering to assist in programmes established by many of the Group’s companies. The aim is to engage all 80,000 employees worldwide in working for one day for the community. The underlying idea is that almost 100 years of voluntary work can thus be contributed to society.

Holcim’s vision for the future is based on making a difference for the coming generation, and contributing to the continuity and sustainability of individual communities. Therefore, Holcim Malaysia decided to focus on ‘Child and Education’ for its Together for Communities project.

In 2012, Holcim Malaysia worked with Jabatan Kebajikan Orang Asli to repair and improve the infrastructure of the Kampung Orang Asli Pasir Putih kindergarten.

Making a difference for the coming generation is essential to the continuity and sustainability of the individual communities supported. Combined at an international level, these efforts will contribute to a better future for the next generation in these communities, which will be able to progress and develop faster towards their full potential.