ATB Terminal, Tanjung Bin, Johor

This major oil storage terminal comprises 45 tanks with total capacity of 800,000 m3. Located at the southern tip of Johor Bahru, it is one of a number of facilities being built to establish the state as a regional oil and gas industry hub. The terminal is located offshore, with a jetty station along the shoreline.


The Client

PEC (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad required reliable cement suppliers to provide the highest quality and sophisticated logistical expertise necessary for a project of this type. The contract was awarded to Holcim Malaysia after assessing its world-class technical expertise, logistical capabilities, and experience of handling oil and gas projects.


The Challenge

A priority for PEC was to identify a supplier that could erect an onsite plant without compromising quality, while adhering to the strict schedule.


Holcim’s Solution

Holcim provided several solutions as various issues arose on the project. Overall, PEC was very pleased with the overall service and contribution of the Holcim team in overcoming the project’s special challenges. These were some of the solutions:

  • Two plants were built rapidly and supply was not an issue from the construction stage till completion.
  • Holcim Duracrete SR, a sulphate resistant concrete, was specially formulated for the project.
  • Experienced specialists were dedicated to the project by Holcim to ensure speedy service and prevent delays.
  • Holcim’s logistics team worked diligently to ensure shipments never overshot the schedule or daily deadlines.