Masonry Cement

Holcim Easy Wall (HEW) is a premium quality masonry cement with excellent water-retention, adhesion and workability properties. Its complies with Malaysia Standard MS EN 413 MC 12.5. HEW is a unique, all in one product which combines the strength and durability of premium quality masonry cement with the flexibility and workability properties. It is combined into a highly convenient package geared for today’s complex and busy construction sites. On top of that, HEW enhances quality and is a premium product that meets the very highest quality. When mixed with sand and water, HEW gives a mortar which offers many benefits on site.



HEW is a masonry cement which is best can be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations for a variety of following applications:
• Interior and exterior wall plastering (Including pebble-dash and rough cast)
• Ceiling plastering
• Brick laying
• Finishing and filling



Holcim Easy Wall designed specially developed to have:
• Superior bonding
• high workability
• Low susceptibility to efflorescence
• Strength
• More area coverage compare to alternative masonry cement



• Superior bond strength makes plastering application easier and faster
• Easy of plastering
• Extendable mixture ~1.6 (Cement : Sand) by volume
• Improves quality of surface finish compared to ordinary cement
• Increase water retention reduces risk of cracks
• Better Sulphate resistance properties for durability
• Durable storage packaging
• Cost saving by giving wider wall coverage


Quality Control

Holcim Easy Wall (HEW) is produced under stringent quality controlled environment and its chemical composition and physical properties exceed the requirement of Malaysia standard MS EN 413 MC 12.5. The Fly Ash component used in line with our company’s direction towards sustainable development significantly helps in the reduction of CO2 emission.



Holcim Easy Wall is available in a 50kg Ultra durable bag which gives superior protection during storage and reduce risk of breakages Holcim (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd warrants that the product conforms to its chemical and physical description and is within bounds fit for use as started on its product data sheet when used in compliance with written instructions.

Health and Safety

Cement is classified as an irritant and any direct contact with the skin should be avoided. It is recommended to use Personal Protective Equipment before using the product and/or any of its components. The equipment should include eye protection, hand and skin protection and dust masks. First aid treatment should involve the immediate bathing of the affected area with water. For further information, please see our Health and Safety Information Sheet on Holcim Cementitious Products.


Holcim Easy Wall