The New Generation Portland Cement

Holcim Quick Cast (HQC) is a high performing cement designed specifically for manufacture of pre-cast products, concrete blocks and other concrete applications which requires high early strength development.

Holcim Quick Cast is a Portland Fly Ash cement complying with all th requirements of CEM II/A-V 42.5 N as defined by the MS EN 197-1:2000

Concrete using HQC cement set faster than ordinary cement, thus, helps the producer to demould the concrete mould earlier thereby increasing the plant production rate.

HQC can be used in various applications such as:
• Precast concrete bridge beams and slabs
• Precast concrete pipes
• Precast concrete piles
• Precast concrete blocks and wall panels
• Fast construction structures


• Early strength gain
• High ultimate strength
• Faster setting time

Comparison Between HQC and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

 Holcim Quick Cast (HQC)  Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
 Better cost saving with mix optimization  No cost saving from mix optimization
 Lower cost of repair due to lower
 shrinkage and cracks
 Higher cost of repair
 Better products quality and finishing  Normal products quality and finishing
 Better durability  Lower durability


Health and Safety

Cement is classified as an irritant and any direct contact with the skin should be avoided. It is recommended to use Personal Protective Equipment before using the product and/or any of its components. The equipment should include eye protection, hand and skin protection and dust masks. First aid treatment should involve the immediate bathing of the affected area with water. For further information, please see our Health and Safety Information Sheet on Holcim Cementitious Products.


Holcim Quick Cast