Research and Development

Research and Development is a founding business philosophy at Holcim and key to the company’s strategic market positioning. It focuses on two critical areas:

First, meeting the needs of clients who are faced with specific challenges that can be overcome through product innovation and reformulation. This often results in the discovery of new healthrelated benefits, environmental benefits, or interesting new characteristics that may be appreciated by the entire market.

Building on this, Holcim is in the unique position of having formulae to produce projectspecific cement products that result in superior quality and enhanced construction efficiencies, specifically for purpose-based projects.

The second area is operational efficiencies and sustainability, both core business philosophies integral to Holcim’s vision for the future. This involves finding ways to increase the use of recycled material in product formulation, increasing levels of recycling and waste reduction at the plant,
and reducing energy consumption.

These principles and practices were put to the test when Holcim Malaysia became the first cement company in the country to secure the prestigious  international eco-label certification from Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), securing its place as the first ‘green’ cement manufacturer in Malaysian history.