Holcim offers an array of services to enhance the value of the partnership with clients, in the process vastly improving supply and quality management capabilities, refining construction practices, and cultivating the establishment of new standards throughout the industry.

Global Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

In larger, more challenging projects, working alongside customers and building partners is often the most effective way of achieving success for all. As a global player, Holcim boasts 100 years of experience across 70 countries. Guided by some of the industry’s foremost experts in the Group, Holcim is able to create ground-breaking solutions to unique challenges, resulting in an invaluable new learning experience that can lead the way to new industry standards or practices.


On Call Quality Testing

Holcim’s mobile laboratory fleet gives customers and building partners a highly personalised and convenient onsite service for testing materials, quality control management, and valuable technical advice and training.


Remote Supply Management

Holcim’s new online purchasing platform enables customers to make online orders, track delivery, monitor delivery routes and timing, track payments and purchasing history, and more effectively manage materials needs for better cash flow and higher savings.


Expert Technical Support

As part of the Holcim philosophy of providing value, customers are able to maximise the benefit of the company’s products by using its consulting and advisory services based on customers’ needs, objectives, and specific limitations or construction challenges.


Technical Liaison and Supervision

Holcim provides complimentary or fee-based testing to clients seeking engineering design-related services such as concrete fieldtesting, concrete analysis, raw material evaluation, quality control, and statistical analysis as well as mix optimisation or product reformulation.


Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and effective distribution of materials play a key role in construction. Holcim is able to customise sophisticated products for projects where the environment, location, or other factors present formidable challenges.


Delivery Status Notification

This allows key personnel to be kept abreast of key logistical information such as dispatch and delivery timing, the route used, and current location of the delivery.